The Cantica laetitia chamber choir

Cantica laetitia

The Cantica laetitia chamber choir was founded in 2004 in Zlín originally as a selective girls' ensemble of the Cantica children choir. The girls' choir Cantica laetitia has soon became to be among well respected singing ensembles and has been awarded many valuable prizes at the competitions not only in the Czech Republic (Jihlava, Praha, etc.) but also abroad (Varna - Bulgaria, Krakow – Poland and Ohrid - Macedonia). Cantica laetitia has been a mixed choir since 2012. From the beginning, Cantica laetitia has been conducted by Josef Surovík, up to 2022. In 2023 Ondřej Špaček became the new conductor of the choir. Jan Nowak accompanies the choir on the piano.

The choir's repertoire is based on the music of the 20th and 21st century. The choir performs the works of the following authors: E. Whitacre, V. Miškinis, P. Eben, Z. Lukáš etc. and it often focuses on premieres of new pieces. The quality of the performance at the competitions is often awarded by a special prize for the interpretation of specific works. Composer Jan Vičar arranged some of the pieces exactly for this choir's performances. Collaboration with composer Tereza Surovíková, who is the conductor's wife and also a member of the choir, is also very interesting and valuable.

The choir's challenging and colourful repertoire is a basis of compact performances that are very appreciated by concert audiences and also the juries of international competitions, where the choir constantly reaches very good results. Cantica laetitia co-operates with Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra Zlín and independently performs vocal-instrumental works, too (J. J. Ryba - Česká mše vánoční, J. Pavlica - Missa brevis). The choir also works in partnership with the Children's opera Zlín and the Morava Elementary music school.